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services & prices

solo dog walks 

trial walk / meet & greet:

free of charge

30 minutes: £15

60 minutes: £22

discounts available for

multiple walks

collection from your home & a walk in a location best suited for your furry friend

dogs towel dried if needed before returning home

transported in a professionally crated, air conditioned van

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1-2-1 training

initial consultation:

free of charge

practical sessions:

30 minutes: £25

60 minutes: £50

positive reinforcement training sessions supported with a summary of what's been covered & training plan to set you up for success! 

help with issues such as:

basic obedience

(sit, down, stay etc)


loose lead walking


confidence boosting

jumping up

separation anxiety

pet visits

meet & greet:

free of charge

30 minutes: £15

60 minutes: £25

2 - 4 hours: £50

4+ hours: £60

a friendly visit for comfort breaks, play time, feeding, a stroll around the block or just some TLC for those that love a cuddle

dogs, cats, small animals...

all are welcome!

all visits are personal to you & your pets needs

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